July 2019

New shortcut design on Media Composer keyboards

Logickeyboard introduces an updated shortcut keyboard for the newly released Media Composer from Avid.
Shortcut keyboard for Media Composer - Logickeyboard

Redesigned and reimagined
On June 20th, Avid released the 2019 edition of their video editing software Media Composer. When reimagining the editing software, Avid focused on creating a more intuitive user interface, which included the redesign of all the tool icons.
Working closely with Avid, Logickeyboard has created a brand-new layout for the Media Composer shortcut keyboard. It still shows all the shortcuts as you know them from our earlier versions of the keyboard, but the design of the shortcut icons now matches the latest edition of Media Composer.

The customer is always right
Feedback from users of Media Composer has played an important role in the development of the design and functionality. This means that the key shortcuts for cutting are still available as direct shortcuts with only minor design alterations. However, it also means that some of the classics has come back such as the iconic Liftman.

Product Details
The new layout will be available on all of our keyboards – the backlit ASTRA, the ALBA for Mac etc. – as well as in the same language variations as seen on older versions.
You can purchase the Media Composer 2019 keyboard with one of our resellers or here at our website.

April 2019

Introducing Adobe Graphic Designer

Logickeyboard is excited to announce the introduction of a brand-new shortcut keyboard into the current product line. 
New 3D animation keyboard for Autodesk Maya

3-in-1 keyboard
For the first time ever, Logickeyboard has created a keyboard with shortcuts for not just one, but three different applications – the Adobe classics: Photoshop CC, InDesign CC and Illustrator CC – all in one keyboard. 
This provides the user with access to more than 225 shortcuts, making it a great tool for the entire design process. The shortcuts are placed on our backlit ASTRA keyboard, making it perfect for working in any kind of lighting - from day to night in bright rooms or low lights.

Designers' new best friend
With the new 3-in-1 keyboard, designers and creatives will have the possibility to easily switch between their design applications, and still have all the shortcuts they need right at hand. The shortcuts will help speed up the work process and increase the workflow.

Product presentation at NAB Show 2019
Logickeyboard will be presenting the new 3-in-1 keyboard for the first time on April 8that this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Product Details 
The Adobe Graphic Designer keyboard is available for PC and Mac on our black, backlist Astra keyboard. Both are available in American English and European English layouts.

You can purchase the Adobe Graphic Designer keyboard with one of our resellers or here at our website.

January 2019

Our first 3D animation shortcut keyboard ever

At Logickeyboard we are proud to present the Autodesk Maya keyboard. Specifically designed for the 3D animation software Autodesk Maya, the keyboards offer shortcuts to help creatives work smarter and faster on their 3D projects.
New 3D animation keyboard for Autodesk Maya

Learned from the best
We’ve teamed up with a number of professionals from the film and gaming industry in order to develop the best tool for working more efficiently with Autodesk Maya.
Among others, we’ve talked to Morten Boehne from IO Interactive - the company behind the world known video game Hitman - as well as a number of independent 3D artists.
Along with these experts’ observations and feedback, our product development team have used their own knowledge and experience to design a keyboard that fits perfectly into the workflow of 3D artists.

A time saver and a learning tool
The Autodesk Maya keyboard from Logickeyboard helps speed up the work process by eliminating wasted time spent on remembering shortcuts or steering the cursor to the right place. The color-coded keys make it easy to quickly identify the right tool.
Furthermore, the shortcut keyboard for Autodesk Maya is a great learning tool whether in the hands of an experienced user or someone who is just getting started with animation.
Even professional users will experience a significant number of shortcuts they never even knew existed.

Product Details
The Autodesk Maya keyboard is available for PC on our black Nero Slim Line keyboard and for Mac on our silver ALBA keyboard. Both of which are available in American English and European English layouts.
The keyboards have large, low profile keycaps for enhanced ergonomics. They use USB wired connection and offer two additional build-in USB ports. Further technical information can be found in our Product Sheets.

You can purchase the Maya keyboard with one of our resellers or here at our website.