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Customer Feedback

At Logickeyboard™ we take our customers opinions serious. If you for any reason want to give us a statement, please feel free to write us. Below is a selection of what other customers said about us. 

Susan Webb, United Kingdom

Dear LogicKeyboard Team, Thank you so much for my Avid Sibelius Keyboard which arrived speedily and in good order early yesterday afternoon. I was impressed with the UPS delivery driver who was smartly dressed, with a friendly, professional manner, and didn't mind climbing 4 flights of stairs to my house. The keyboard is a great design, light in weight, but reassuringly sturdy. Also use is virtually silent - really enjoyed using it for my music notation yesterday evening. Thanks for your great service and a super product. Very best wishes, Mrs Susan Webb

Daniel Limoges, Canada

I want to thank you for your very good service ! I just received the Cubase LogicKeyboard after a RMA & what i can say is that this Keyboard is a real one ... i can see & feel easily the difference, the touch is less sensitive & it is more robust ! The keyboard is more heavy ! It's not the same quality than the other .. it's better ... i don't know why but you know ! ... it's not the same ! Thank you again ...Daniel

Lago Giancarlo, Padova, Italy

Excellent customer support with speed answers to my email. Items arrived in a very short time. LogicSkin and LogicLight are extraordinary and very high quality products. I am completely satisfied and in the future if necessary I will buy only at Thanks a lot!

Elizabeth Michell, Australia.
"Hi there, I am just about to purchase your large print keyboard covers for my iMac and Macbook pro, and just wanted to thank you in advance to make a product that I have been searching for for an eternity!!! I am vision impaired and usually get on quite well, however the large print will assist me greatly. THANKS SO MUCH YOUR COMPANY IS AWESOME!!!! :D warm regards, your newest and greatest fan, Lizzy"

David Mackinnon, Sydney, Australia.
"I am truly amazed! I placed an order for a Final Cut Pro 'Pro' Keyboard, Keyboard Lights and a 'ShuttlePro2', and within just FOUR days, my order arrived from Denmark to Australia. Tracking the shipment through UPS was a breeze. First impressions?: The FCP Pro keyboard seems exceptionally high quality and the Keyboard LED Light is awesome idea - highly recommended! I am yet to use the ShuttlePro. My enquiries before purchase were answered in lightning speed by your representatives from your Asian and Pacific office. All up, this was a fantastic customer experience. Well done!"

Marcos Avila, Portugal
"i love the keyboard and the shuttleProV2 that i bough from you guys, congrats for the amazing idea because make my life much more easier in cubase 7.5"

Erik Lundborg, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
"We received the 5 units today. Thank you so much for your quick handling and delivery! Impressive!!"

Jelle, Netherlands
"Hi, I ordered two Logic skins and keyboard lamp on sunday. 3 days later ! I received it well packed. Works great and a lot of light above my keyboard."

Paolo Filisati, Italy
"Hi guys, I just received the keyboard, truly wonderful."

Morten Bille, Copenhagen, Denmark
"Thank you for the extraordinary good customer experience we had out with you today! We appreciate it greatly" (translated quote)

Terry Garcia, CA, USA
"I was very pleased to have your product "Slim line USB' logickeyboard for Sonar X1. Excellent product! I can't imagine not working with it now. Thank you for an excellent product and "hopefully" looking forward to an X2 logickeyboard."

Tony Vincent, NY, USA
"i believe i've now owned 3 of your hardwired keyboards and one of your skins...  you can correctly assume i'm a fan... thank
YOU for great products!"

Steven, USA
"Thanks a lot, worked like a charm. Great keyboard and support. Thanks much."

Richard, UK
"I have poor eyesight due to macula disease. I have no central vision and have to look sideways. I've just bought this keyboard and used it for a few days now. It is beautifully made, nice key action, oozes quality. Most large print keyboards are unsatisfactory,- either poor quality or have insensitive rubber covers. The LogicKeyboard is the exception - quality with proper large print keys."

Mark, USA

"Thanks again for the fantastic customer service! I love the feel of the skin. It is a very high quality product."

Gonçalo, Mexico
"The package arrived yesterday, therefore I would like to congratulate you for the speed and efficiency dispatching the product."

Stephen, Austin, Texas, USA
”I just received my new Slim Line keyboard and ShuttlePro v2 today and I’ve spent the last few hours using it. I am SO glad you finally came out with this for Edius. In just a few hours I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in the speed at which I edit, and with much less stress on my fingers. Just thought you might like to hear from a very satisfied customer”

Dan Dorschel, Denmark

"Tusind tak for en meget efektiv og hurtig service. Den er modtaget her lørdag formiddag!! Jeg vil gerne anbefal Logicskin's og firmaet til venner og bekendt. Alt godt i fremtiden."

Francesco, Spain

"I have just received my Logickeyboard. I'm very happy, just what i needed! Now i can really control Logic on my Powerbook"

Pascal, France
"I just wanted to tell you again by e-mail what I already told you over the phone : THANK YOU for your devoted and very professional handling of my case. I really appreciated your friendly and helpful way and I definitively will promote your products and the shop once I’m going to use the products. I expect to be happy once I use them. BTW, I heard about these knobs when visiting the photo exhibition in Paris 1 year ago! Again so, many thanks, Poul, for your smart and intelligent way of handling this shipping problem."

Peter, USA

"I love that keyboard. I can’t tell you how much more efficient it has made editing."

Lex, UK

"Many thanks for your swift support. All the best."

Michael, Switzerland
"Dear logickeyboard Team, I’d like just to give you some feedback from my side. Perfect made Keyboard ! - Why i say this ? No i do not get paid by doing this recommendation. I just had a „editors keys“ cubase keyboard before, and i’m really happy to have this logickeyboard here. Just perfect. Great workmanship, great feel, not a dulcimer, just a great keyboard that it’s totally worth the price."

Vanya, Hawai
"I just got my package. Thanks so much for the awesome service! Aloha"

Dejan, Slovenia
"Hi, thank u very much for your quick reply! It's hard to find so fine company&people that replay's so quick! So i will definetly recomend u ;) for someone els... if will be interest one day. Now i finaly understand and i will order 2 keyboards!"

Carl, Australia
"Many thanks from "down under" - you guys have excelled in customer support, very impressed. Thankyou!"

Robert, Australia
"I ordered a Logic Pro and Final Cut keyboard skin from you last week. It arrived yesterday. I can't believe how quick you delivered to me in Australia. And not to mention the great quality of the skins.I am a very happy customer and I will be buy from you again. I will also recommend your product."

Rob, USA
"Hey Lori, thank you so much for the timely response. I'm not used to such prompt service. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I must've read the shipping instructions on your site incorrectly. I'm gonna see if my wife can stop by the house and grab the slip or if she can sign the notice and have it delivered tomorrow. Again, thanks so much for getting back to me. I just went from not wanting to shop at Logickeyboard anymore to embarrassed about my misreading of the instructions to being a solid and future purchaser of Logickeyboards. Just the fact that you tried to quell my fears is enough to make me love your customer support team. If this is the kind of service I can expect from you guys in the future then I'm a fan. Thanks again. I really appreciate the respect and helpfulness. All my best Lori."

Lee, USA

"I've become a big fan of your product, and give it a plug on all the forums I participate on whenever the opportunity arises"

Hilary, USA
"I am so bowled over by the level of customer service you have shown me during this transaction! I can't thank you enough for being so on top of things! It was a pleasure doing business with you and your company. Being in the visual effects industry where I work with lots of computer people, I will be sure to pass on your website and the news of my spectacular service! And by the way... he loved the keyboard skin. Thank You Again."

Carl, USA
Hi guys, Thanks for all your help in trying to solve this little mystery. I am extremely relieved as my Pro Tools using friends are always impressed when they see this keyboard - you did a great job - and I would have been very disappointed if i was not going to be able to use it. You customer service and support is excellent and very much appreciated. Regards, Carl

MaryAnn, USA
"The keyboard originally came to my attention through a Final Cut Pro workshop I attended by an Apple authorized certification center, Weynand Training International. The instructor was really big on shortcuts and he recommended your product and gave us your website..I must say it has been a huge benefit in the learning process, making the edit process much faster. After having been trained in other editors, I love Final Cut and your keyboard is an ingenious way to make the advantage of shortcut keys more accessible. Thank you so much for your kind attention."

Micke T, Sweden
"Hi! I have used your keyboard (or actually your keys that replace the old ones...) for Final Cut on the G5 and I really like it."

James, UK

"Great product. Very Happy! Thank you very much"

Michael Craven, USA
"The skin and the keyboard are booth first class products. The quality of the skin is so good it seems part of the keyboard. Much superior compared with your competitor."

David Moyse, USA
"Have just received the keyset for logic Pro ... wow what a nice piece of work guys. I have already improved my productivity by @ least 60%."

Bryan Banner, USA
"I set the products up right away and have been using them constantly the last few days. What a difference those two units make! I'm working twice as fast as before and it's way more comfortable. I've already found useful key commands I didn't know existed yet and redesigned my environment and workflow to match. Thank you so much for your help right from the start. You sure know how to make a person feel looked after. This stands in direct contrast to some other companies and their representatives that I have dealt with, so I really appreciate it. I look forward to doing business with you in the future."

Dave Mills, USA
"A quick, well deserved thank you for a great product and prompt shipping. I've used your PS2/Avid keyboard for years and love the comfort of it. It's held up well to spills and other abuse. Since our focus has shifted more towards print/web and I still wanted to keep the PS2 functionality in case of a crash, this seemed right. You've likely heard this before, but I did try your competitor's keyboard and, frankly, it seemed very, very cheaply built. This is really an outstanding value."

G La Gala, Italy
"Today I received my logic keyboard and shuttle pro 2 and I started working with Final Cut Pro. My impression of this product is TOTAL SATISFACTION. The jog and shuttle is precise and editing is made much simpler by the use of colors and i'm saving a lot of time. I tried other keyboards before deciding to buy this one but according to me, your keyboard is definitely N.1 . Compliments. G La Gala"

Rohan Charlton, Australia
"I just purchased your Avid DV Xpress Apple G5 US keyset. Thank you for the speedy delivery. I am very impressed by the high quality of the keys and the way it compliments the Apple Keyboard. All of the keys work perfectly."

Richard, UK
"I've just bought this keyboard and used it for a few days now. It is beautifully made, nice key action, oozes quality. Most large print keyboards are unsatisfactory,- either poor quality or have insensitive rubber covers. The LogicKeyboard is the exception - quality with proper large print keys. I have poor eyesight due to macula disease. I have no central vision and have to look sideways"

Aaron Rodgers, USA
"Your logickeyboard is a lifesaver. Thanks for such a wonderful product. You should've seen me trying to play my own guitar tracks and engineer at the same time before I got the Logickeyboard. Think of the money I'm saving now on drywall repairs."

Carmina, Spain

"I ordered a cover for my Mac keyboard. It was faulty, so I wrote an e-mail to logickeyboard to warn them. They told me to send some pictures of it, so I did. And in just a few day I received a new cover, with no extra charges for me.
Communication was easy, friendly and effective. Thanks a lot!"

Steve, South Africa
"Thank you for the great service.  I wish we had companies like yours in South Africa. It is a pleasure dealing with such efficient people."
Jeff, Moscow - Russia

"Thank you both for your assistance! The keyboard arrived just now. I truly appreciate the excellent customer service that you provided. All the very best, Jeff"