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Jonathan Moser

Jonathan is using our Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer shortcut keyboards

Jonathan Moser's career is a testament to his speed, flexibility, and creative problem-solving in post-production. With six Emmys to his name and a legacy of innovative work, Jonathan continues to inspire and influence the world of television editing. His dedication to using the best tools, like Logickeyboard, underscores his commitment to excellence in every project he undertakes.

Innovator and Emmy Winner

Starting in 1980 at ABC Television in Hollywood, Jonathan Moser quickly became a pioneer in TV editing. As one of two online editors for ABC Network Promo, he began a career marked by innovation. In 1981, he helped launch "Eye on LA," earning four Emmys over six years. His innovative techniques set industry standards. Jonathan continued to rise as Supervising Editor and Graphics Designer for "Rollergames," and as editor and effects designer for CBS's "Haunted Lives," working with legends like Leonard Nimoy and Tobe Hooper.

Dateline NBC and Beyond

In 1995, Jonathan joined Dateline NBC as an editor and post producer, earning the Harry Chapin Media Award for the documentary "Children of the Harvest." By 2000, he was at MSNBC, producing and editing the series "Headliners & Legends." Jonathan also led as series producer and editor/writer for Animal Planet's "Moorpark 24/7" and served as supervising editor for ABC's "Houston Medical." Also, Jonathan was an editor for NBC Nightly News and edited the first Avid piece they aired.

Diverse Portfolio and Acclaimed Projects

In 2012, Jonathan Moser edited "The Wall Street Conspiracy," a documentary that gained significant attention for highlighting illegal activities in Wall Street trading. His extensive portfolio includes work with major networks such as A&E, Lifetime, Syfy, Discovery ID, Food Network, OWN, Bravo, MTV, and CBS. His collaborations have involved renowned personalities like John Ratzenberger, Leonard Nimoy, John Glover, and Keith Morrison.

A Passion for Quality Tools

Throughout his illustrious career, Jonathan Moser has consistently sought tools that enhance his work efficiency and quality. As an early adopter of Logickeyboard, he found the perfect match for his demanding editing needs. Jonathan has used almost every editing keyboard available and has found Logickeyboard to be the most durable, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing. The introduction of the Astra backlit keyboards in 2016 further solidified his preference, allowing him to work seamlessly in darkened edit rooms.

Reflecting on Achievements

One of Jonathan’s proudest achievements is producing and editing “Haunted History: New York” for The History Channel. This project involved traveling around New York State, reenacting historical events that led to hauntings, and conducting on-camera interviews with eyewitnesses. Edited at home on Avid, this show exemplifies his ability to combine storytelling with technical prowess.

How would you describe working with a Logickeyboard?

“I found that the logickeyboard help me work more efficiently because my mind and memory are served better by color cuing than by the printed icons on the keyboard. Color makes it very easy to group functions into groups, making me faster and more accurate.”

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