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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to activate backlit keys on the ASTRA series

Why have two cables on the ASTRA series?

Do I have to install drivers?

Does your keyboards come with any shortcut instructions?

How do I change the scissor-switch mechanism?

Shipping / costs

How do I know my shipping costs?

How do you ship my goods?

Do you ship to my P.O. Box?

Can i use my own shipping account?

Payment / security

Is it a secure site?

How do i pay?

Is VAT added to my order?

When is my credit card charged?


How to activate backlit keys on the ASTRA series.

The backlit keys on the Mac ASTRA series can be activated by pressing FN + F5/F6. To activate the rest of the function keys on your mac ASTRA backlit keyboard, press FN + e.g. F6 or any other key in the function key row. Watch video here.

Activate the backlit keys on your PC by pressing the dedicated key, located to the right of the spacebar and next the the "alt" key.

The Alba & Astra 2 keyboards comes with an Fn-Lock. The Fn-Lock can be activated with the key combination Cmd+Fn and F-keys are used as multimedia control keys. To use the F-keys as regular F1, F2, etc. simply use the F-keys with the Fn modifier. A glance at the Fn Lock light tells you which mode you are in. Here is a link to a video description: FN-Lock

Why have two cables on the ASTRA series?

The ASTRA keyboard is developed with two USB cables. One for the keyboard itself, and one for the USB hub, at the back of the keyboard. The reason for having a separate cable for the USB hub, is to avoid problems with installations, that require a KVM extender.

To power the keyboard, you need to plug in the grey USB connector. If you need to activate the USB hub, on the back of the keyboard, you need to plug in the black USB connector. Watch video about the two cables here.

Do I have to install drivers?

No drivers needed 

Does your keyboards come with any shortcut instructions?

Yes, you can find all cheat sheets here.

How do I change the scissor-switch mechanism?

1. Remove keycap
2. Remove scissor-switch mechanism
3. Replace scissor-switch mechanism
4. Reattach keycap


How do I know my shipping costs? 

Your freight cost is at all times listed just above the unit price of the product you are looking at. The shipping cost stated is covering all products you already have added to the basket including the one you currently are looking at. Please note, that the freight cost stated is for the most inexpensive option we have available to your country. A selection of other shipping methods might be available in the check out proces, for you to choose if you prefer a faster shipping method than the standard option.

How do you ship my goods? 

We aim to have all products shipped with track & tracable forwarder. At the end of the check out proces you will find a variety of shipping options we have available to your country.

Can you ship to my P.O. Box? 

We do not ship to Post Office Boxes.

Can I use my own shipping account? 

Yes, we can offer this, but we'll charge an administration fee for this service.

Is it a secure site?

Yes, www.logickeyboard.com uses Geotrust online security and trust solution for payment. Transactions make use of DanDomain Paygateway, which is approved and certified by Teller. All communications between DanDomain Paygateway and the cardholder goes through an encrypted SSL connection, which protects all exchanged data from being viewed by other parties. All exchanged data between DanDomain Paygateway and the Teller transaction server is encrypted as well.

How do I pay? 

You can either pay by the most common credit cards, via PayPal or via bank transfer (invoice will be emailed to you for pre-payment). However, if you choose the bank transfer option a fee will be added to your order. Please note, that the bank transfer option will also delay your order as we need to receive your payment before your order will be processed.

Is VAT added to my order? 

According to European Tax regulations, 25% Danish VAT (Value Added Tax) is added to purchases made from residentals and businesses staying within EC (European Community). Businesses within the EC with a registered VAT number can make purchases free of VAT if their VAT number is typed in in the order process. However, we will verify the VAT number used and if it's not approved your order will not be processed. 
Individuals as well as businesses staying outside EC are excluded from the 25% Value Added Tax.

When is my credit card charged? 

Your credit card will be charged when your order is shipped.

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