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Youtube Tutorial Expert

Premiere Gal

Premiere Gal

Who is Premiere Gal, and how did the idea start?

When I first decided to create a YouTube channel based on video editing and production training, I didn’t just want it to be my own name (Kelsey Brannan). It just felt boring. So the name “Premiere Gal” just came to me naturally. Not only does it connect to the video editing software I use every day, Adobe Premiere Pro, but from a design perspective I was able to fit the letters “Gal” into a square icon (which is similar to the design of Adobe Creative Cloud software icons). Also, Premiere Gal kind of sounds like an awesome super heroine, like Wonder Woman, but for video!

Premiere Gal is not just Premiere Pro tutorials, my YouTube channel also specializes in just general video production tips and tricks, After Effects Tutorials, equipment reviews and I also sell video editing templates.

I also want to reiterate the idea that Premiere Gal is more than just YouTube Video Production Tutorials. It’s a brand name that represents empowerment for young women in film and video; it adds to the shared digital economy of free learning; and it a caters to new age of editing for social media and digital video marketing. I’ve already seen that Premiere Gal is a safe space where anyone can come to for video help when they need it, especially for beginners. 

What is your relationship to shortcuts?

Shortcuts, very important in my field. We repeat tasks to the point we wear out specific keys. It is imperative for efficiency to have shortcuts in your toolbox. 

How has your profile evolved throughout the almost 2 years you’ve been doing this?

My two anniversary of launching Premiere Gal will be next year in August 2018, which I cannot believe because it’s evolved so much in just 14 months! 

I really didn’t know what to expect after I uploaded my first video, but the response was very positive. I really fell in love with teaching and sharing incredible tools to help video creators. Not only did it help others, but it helped me grow as a content creator. 

So how has it evolved? It started just as tutorials that I thought would be useful and now I work with partners to share the tools they develop which improve our workflow. Then in June 2017, I started designing my own video editing templates which I now sell on my website. The templates include social media promos, slideshows and some motion graphics text templates for After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

In the past 5 months, I’ve discovered I could actually work for myself. So I quit my full-time job as a ShEditor (Shooter, Editor, Producer) at the State Department in DC just last month (September 2017) and moved back out to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue video training, video editing and motion graphics full-time.

It’s definitely liberating and I’m so totally excited about what is going to come over the next year. If you need help with any projects, I’m open and available for hire! Contact me at

What is the goal for Premiere Gal?

My goal for Premiere Gal over this next year will be to just expand what I’ve already built, which is a 20k+ community of video learning. Over the next year I hope to collaborate more with tech and video YouTubers, create more video editing templates and transitions to sell in my store, and launch one-to-one consulting for people who need more help. I’ll also be mixing more craft based art with video, so expect more custom Gal made “painted” and “ink based” transitions in my store this fall. 

I strive to be the go-to person that people can come to for new video projects. Through Premiere Gal already, I’ve made new video editing and motion graphics clients. So if you have a project, hit me up!

What do you think about your backlit ASTRA keyboard, and has the keyboard helped you in your work?

The backlit ASTRA keyboard definitely helped me! I use a Mac Pro and it connects directly via USB and if I ever forget a shortcut, I just look down and there it is. 

What are your favorite shortcuts in Premiere?

My favorite shortcuts in Premiere Pro are “N” for the “Rolling Edit.” which lets me quickly change the location of a cut without having to move clips around. I also love the rate stretch tool, “R” because you can easily stretch out a clip to a new duration by changing the speed. This is useful if you just need a clip to be just a tad bit longer, just hit the “R” on your keyboard and adjust your clip.  

Premiere Gal's Logickeyboard products

Premiere Gal is using our ASTRA backlit keyboard for Adobe Premire Pro and our keyboard cover for Adobe Premiere Pro - MacBook Pro