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Video hardware provider

Pai Creative Solutions

Bridging B2B and B2C sales 

Logickeyboard helped Pai Creative Solutions bridge a gap to engage directly with consumers as well as opening the door to other categories outside of their strong presence in the video industry.

"The overall turnkey solution to our customers has been polished and expanded by incorporating Logickeyboard, and now we feel it is perfect!" - Shai Badra, Sales & Marketing Manager, Pai Creative Solutions.

  • Country: Israel
  • Industry: Video solutions
  • Partner since: 2011


Pai Creative wished to create the most complete hardware solutions available to professional creatives and creative companies in their region. Initially, most of the sales came from industry employers and post-production studios, but it was crucial to engage more with the professional end-users to build demand and relationships. It was also necessary to find ways to potentially expand the portfolio to also include other related categories in order to grow the business. 


Pai Creative Solutions chose to initiate a partnership with Logickeyboard and include shortcut keyboards in their well-rounded video portfolio. This entailed placing Pai Creative Solutions on the Logickeyboard website and exposing them to a wider audience. The expansion of portfolio enabled them to engage with private video and sound editors that they had previously been unable to reach.  

"In the past, we used to mainly work with video professionals and having Logickeyboard on our side opened the door to sound professionals, photographers and more!" - Shai Badra, Sales & Marketing Manager, Pai Creative Solutions.

In addition, the partnership has also resulted in increases in both leads curated and revenues generated from cross/up-selling. The brand image and cross-category appeal of Logickeyboard helped increase the awareness of Pai Creative Solutions among relevant segments in Israel, which in turn has increased sales to post-production studios.

Today, the products of Logickeyboard are essential business components for Pai Creative Solutions in their complete offering of turnkey solutions containing everything from work and docking stations to external hardrives and - of course - shortcut keyboards. The partnership has lasted more than 10 years and is still going strong.  

About Pai Creative Solutions

Pai Creative Solutions was founded i 2005 with the vision of supplying high-end hardware solutions to the video, post-production, broadcasting and new media industries.
They offer a full range of professional production equipment to suit the customer's special needs. Their creative solutions combined with attractive rates, industry knowledge, uncompromising service and support quality, enable them to meet any need on time and on budget.
Their clients include post-production companies, TV studios, independent cinema production, professional studio facilities, broadcasters, filmmakers, editors, graphic artists, photographers, new media creators, students and more. 

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