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Logickeyboard BlindTouch Typing Keyboard

Logickeyboard BlindTouch Typing Keyboard
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Designed for learning how to blind touch type

Ideal for the students and adults who want to master the skill of touch typing. This keyboard helps you learn how to touch type efficiently by color coding the alphabet and number keys. The color coding is a guide on how your fingers should be properly placed in order to gain the fastest typing speed. Computer keyboard use is a lifetime basic skill. Develop your muscle memory with this keyboard. You will save time and reduce stress every time you use a computer for the rest of your life. Ideal for schools K-12, professional training centers, homes with computer students. Anyone can benefit from increasing their typing speed and reducing their typing errors.

Besides a great training tool, it is also a cool looking keyboard. It can reduce stress and makes working on a computer a more colorful experience. Be the envy of your classmates, colleagues and family members.

Two versions are offered. One has all the alphabets, numbers, and common punctuations just like a standard keyboard. The other has no alphabets or numbers for the environment where serious touch typing is trained such as in a classroom.

Logickeyboard BlindTouch Typing Keyboard