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Hardware manufacturer


Making turnkey livestream solutions easy to learn

NextComputing is a hardware manufacturer that provide full-service tech solutions for a range of sectors within media, sports, design, government and data science. Logickeyboard built a custom-designed keyboard for NextComputing to bundle with their live video production switcher and make the included Livestream Studio software easier to learn and more accessible to users.

"This keyboard makes it easier for customers to use it instinctively right from the start; and dramatically reduce the learning curve for new users." - Bob Labadini, CEO, NextComputing.

  • Country: USA
  • Industry: Hardware solutions
  • Partner since: 2019


NextComputing experienced an increase in demand for their live streaming video solutions, and was looking for new ways to harness this demand. They decided to make the included Livestream Studio software more accessible to their users, as they experienced a too steep and lengthy learning curve. They also wanted to make their offering more instinctive to use.


The solution was to team up with Logickeyboard and together design a customized shortcut keyboard, specifically tailored to fit the Livestream Studio software. The keyboard has since been integrated in NextComputing's portfolio and offering to create an all-in-one solution with a strong focus on user-friendliness.

"It is designed to offer a clear layout of shortcuts and functions related specifically to the Livestream Studio software. It dramatically reduces the learning curve for new users." - Bob Labadini, CEO, NextComputing.

The inclusion provides added value for money for the users and has increased customer satisfaction among NextComputing's customers. The increased demand for integrating live streaming video into daily business now has an even smoother implementation phase thanks to the collaboration between Logickeyboard and NextComputing. 

About NextComputing 

NextComputing offers high-performance workstations for professional users. They create solutions for several industries, particularly live video production switcher appliances for live streaming video. These systems combine specially-designed hardware platforms with Livestream Studio live production switcher software for turnkey end-to-end live video streaming. 

Founded in 1999, NextComputing today operates in a range of industries such as media, sports, government, military, oil and gas, medical and more. They offer a complete suite of value-adding services from enhancing systems with eye-catching colors and logos, to managing complex hardware configurations and changes.

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