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Global visual aids provider

Low Vision International

Creating a complete low vision solution

Low Vision International (LVI) is a leading manufacturer of visual aids, who partnered with Logickeyboard to create a complete low vision solution that increased customer satisfaction among users of their MagniLink™ TAB solution.

"Pairing the LVI Logickeyboard with TAB's Microsoft Surface Pro gives the user a complete solution." - LVI 

  • Country: Sweden & USA
  • Industry: Visual impairment
  • Partner since: 2013


LVI wanted to expand their product line to help visually impaired users achieve even more freedom in their everyday life.  The MagniLink TAB video magnifier uses a Microsoft Surface Pro to interact with printed material. The Surface Pro can be operated by touch which can sometimes be challenging for those with less than perfect vision. Therefore, LVI needed a keyboard solution to optimize their offering.


The solution was to partner with Logickeyboard and incorporate the wireless Largeprint bluetooth keyboard into their portfolio.  They were thrilled to find the perfect accessory to accompany their already popular TAB video magnifier. Providing the customer with a way to acquire a high contrast, large print keyboard from LVI at the same time they place their order for their video magnifier saves time and eases usage. 

"Pairing the LVI Logickeyboard with TAB's Microsoft Surface Pro gives the user a complete mobile solution." - Low Vision International

LVI has now been collaborating with Logickeyboard for a number of years, and have recently expanded the collaboration to also encompass their U.S. branch, LVI-America. The collaboration is now set to continue for years and cover several key markets. 

About LVI 

Low Vision International was founded in 1978 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of visual aids. They work to make every day easier for people with visual impairments. LVI develops, produces and sells visual aids with high standards for reliability, simplicity and serviceability. 
All development and manufacturing takes place in the head office, with new products being developed in close cooperation with users and professionals within the low vision rehabilitation industry. Their products are sold under the trademark MagniLink™. The head office is located in Växjö, Sweden, and they have subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, France and the U.S.

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