About Logickeyboard™

LogicKeyboard, one of the world's leading keyboard innovators

Logickeyboard, one of the world’s leading keyboard innovators, specializes in shortcut keyboards and keyboard cover solutions that are functional, stylish, and built for maximum efficiency. Founded in 2002, the company is headquartered in Denmark and has sales offices in Cottenwood, AZ (USA) and Guangzhou, China.

Logickeyboard’s products are impeccably visualized and exceptionally user-friendly, the perfect fit for professionals in a variety of fields including video editing, audio editing, visual effects, 2D/3D/motion graphics, photo finishing, character generation, coloring, stage lighting, and assistive applications. Logickeyboard uses only the finest materials in crafting a diverse lineup of shortcut keyboards that seamlessly integrate into a user’s environment for easy plug-and-play capability and world-class performance.

At Logickeyboard, service is not a department – it’s in our DNA. Welcome to our world. Take the shortcut.