It's elementary, Watson 18-Feb-03. Never forget a shortcut again

One of the good things about the Sounds Expo show in London is the fact it's in conjunction with Video Forum - so we get to have a peek at what the big boys in broadcasting are playing with... and they have some great toys!
Spotted between video cameras swinging wildly around on long poles, and big plasma screens showing serious-looking men in suits, was a small stand with a bunch of colourful keyboards which caught our eye.

UK distributor Contech were showing the range of software-specific keyboards from curiously-named - I say curious, because up to that very day, they didn't have a keyboard for emagic's Logic software ;-)

Apparently, they specialise in visual software applications, such as Avid, Pinnacle Edition, Adobe Premiere & Photoshop, etc. but decided to look to their namesake and have released their latest creation ... for Logic.

It's available as an adapted Apple Pro keyboard, or if you're feeling adventurous, as a keyset for you to replace your own key-caps.

It's a neat idea (but maybe someone should tell them that Logic's keyboard shortcuts are totally customisable ;-)

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