When it’s Good, it’s Good!

Evaluation of the Logic Keyboard,
for Adobe Premiere.
By Calvin Carson.

The digital video bug has bitten me. It’s really great because there has been a number of things I have always wanted to do but the devices to do it with were out of reach ($). But with the marrying of digital video with the Mac, I am starting to realize some of the great things you can do. I have completed a number of projects since obtaining my iMac DV+ and then moving up to my G4 tower. Some of which was done in iMovie. After being around “Mr. Adobe” “aka” “Terry T-Bone White”. I became exposed to an Adobe product call Premiere for digital video editing. I have just only begun to scratch the surface of this great product and I am really embracing it as my editing tool of choice. Beyond the basic keyboard commands of Cut & Paste and a few others, I am not one to remember all of the key-stroke combinations. Premiere like so many other software packages has a lot of keyboard “shortcuts”. I don’t like clogging my mind with shortcuts when I can clog it with ideas that directly influence the creative process. That is why the “Logic Keyboard for Premiere” by BSP is ju. the ticket for me. I was surfing the net when I cam across the BSP website. I saw the 2 options that they offered for Premiere users.

Option 1:
Purchase the “Key Caps” and pull off the standard key caps, and replace them with the “Logic keyboard” caps.

Option 2:
Purchase the entire keyboard with the caps already installed.

I wrote to BSP to ask if I could get a set of Key Caps to evaluate for the MacGroup newsletter. Lori Hubbs of “BSP Logic Keyboard” wrote back and said sure; she would send me the caps. A week or so later, a box arrived and it contained not the key caps but a fully configured keyboard, ready to use. The keyboard is actually an Apple Pro keyboard with the key caps installed. Now here is what is so neat about the key caps.

1.They are color coded so they stand right out for easy use. The color-coding is also in “functional groups” so it makes it easy to use according to either palettes or editing windows.

2. The key caps have icons of the various functions on them. For example, the camera controls on the key caps are the same as the ones on the camera. You can fade.
forward, reverse, play and so on with the keys on the keyboard with remembering that the letter J is rewind and letter L is fa. forward. It’s really great for editing.

3. When you are not using Premiere, the keyboard functions like a normal keyboard. I really noticed that my productivity has picked up using this keyboard. It is a must for the Premiere users, Like I said, it frees you mind to concentrate on the creative process and not remembering the keystrokes for the application. BSP makes custom keyboards for many applications.
Check out their website at www.logickeyboard.com

By the way, for you Final Cut users, there are keyboards and key cap kits available as well! If your into DV editing, this is a must tool!

Special thanks to Lori Hubbs of BSP of U.S.