Apple Logic Pro X Preset Pro Line Keyboard

Apple Logic Pro X Preset Pro Line Keyboard
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    Compatible with Logic Pro X 10.2.1 and later versions.

    Realize complete music projects from start to finish. The new customized keyboard complies with the preset key commands of Apple Logic X. "Plug-and-Play" ready to go when connected. It is without doubt a great way to learn the embedded Apple Logic X key commands - and as the experience level raises - it still leaves available room for one's own creative key command programming. The keyboard includes icons and color coded key commands, visualizing the direct access to numerous functions, and advanced editing features in Apple Logic X.

    System requirements :
    * Any Apple Macintosh with an available USB 2.0 port, and Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
    * Compatible with Apple Logic Pro X 10.2.1 and later versions.
    * You must do a simple setup in Logic Pro X to match the preset key commands to your language.

    Connecting the Logic Pro X keyboard for the first time?
    Start Logic Pro - and press Alt+K.
    (1.) Click Options
    (2.) Click Presets and choose your keyboard language.
    (3.) Click Initialize All Key Commands
    (4.) You can verify the key commands by clicking Expand All
    (5.) If the first key command in Global Commands shows "R" for Record - then you are OK.

    You are now set to go.

    Product Specifications:

    Original Apple ultrathin anodized aluminum keyboard
    Supported host applications: Mac OS X v10 or later
    Host Interface: USB 2.0
    Color: Alu
    Number of USB Ports: Two
    Key mechanism: Scissor switch
    Number of LEDs: One (Caps Lock)
    USB cable: 0.9 meter ~ 35.4 inches White
    Software driver: -
    Physical dimensions: 430 x 113 x 17 mm ~ 16.9 x 4.4 x 0.7 inches
    Physical height in use: Same
    Packaging dimensions: 445 x 138 x 40 mm ~ 17.5 x 5.4 x 1.6 inches
    Weight: 570 g ~ 20.1 oz
    Shipping weight (incl packaging): 900 g ~ 31.7 oz
    Certifications: CE, FCC, TUV, CSA, UL, RoHS & WEEE
    Warranty: 1 year

    Apple Logic Pro X Preset Pro Line Keyboard

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